Bistro comfort food

Highland Base Restaurant

Hearty cooking. Alpine-style seating. Amazing views. Our restaurant will keep you cozy and fueled up for your next adventure.

Cozy warmth

Nourishing and festive

The restaurant is an 80-seat refuge of cozy warmth, savory nourishment, and festive vibes. From coffee and waffles to bistro comfort food and buffet dining, we have something for every appetite.

We also offer meals-to-go with our breakfast and lunch takeaway packages.

Adventure Takeaway Boxes

Sweet and heavenly

Icelandic waffle buffet

Soft, thin, and heart-shaped, Icelandic waffles are a delicious treat. Served every day from 15:00 to 16:30 in the restaurant, our waffle buffet includes strawberry jam, whipped cream, syrup, coffee, and hot cocoa. The price is ISK 3490 per person.

Communal relaxation

The Lounge

The lounge, located above the restaurant, combines communal togetherness with captivating views of Kerlingarfjöll. Enjoy light refreshments and trade stories with your fellow adventure-seekers.