Night sky adventures

Northern Lights and stargazing

Between October and April, we invite guests to nightly guided stargazing in this prime stargazing paradise.

Stargazing adventures

Under the stars

Stargazing in Kerlingarfjöll is an adventure like no other. Far from the polluting glow of city lights, the night sky becomes a pitch black canvas that comes alive with stars, constellations, nebulae, and the Milky Way. The Northern Lights are another wonder of Kerlingarfjöll’s mesmerizing winter nights. With its vibrant rivers of green, red, and violet, the aurora creates pulsating towers of light. The central highlands provide an incredible vantage point, with the snow-covered landscape reflecting the lights' glow, enhancing the entire spectacle and taking the experience to another level.

Inspiring visions

Designed for darkness

Out here in Kerlingarfjöll, it's super dark with almost no light pollution so you can experience the night sky like never before. When we designed the lighting, we made sure to limit the glow so that you'd get the best view of the Arctic heavens.

Wonders of the universe


Explore the heavens with our high-powered telescope. Gaze on the cosmos from a place beyond the reach of light pollution. Witness an awe-inspiring canvas of northern lights, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. A hypnotic feast for the eyes. An astrophotographer’s dream.

Stargazing is a hotel inclusion offered on clear nights from October to April at 21:00. A guide will be ready to assist you.