Winter Activities

Skiing Tours

Skiing tours for everyone. Learn the basics or ski over a glacier and around amazing hot springs!

Awe-inspiring sights

Skiing Tours

  • Backcountry Ski Course

    Backcountry skiing 101. The basics, the do’s and don’ts in a safe and fun one-day course.

    8 hours

    3 km

  • Nordic Ski Course

    Learning the traveling style of the early polar explorers

    6 hours

    5 km

  • Scenic Nordic Ski Tour

    An expedition-style adventure in and around the mountains, to the iconic, pyramidal Lodmundur mountain.

    5 hours

    12 km

  • Hot Spring Ski Tour

    Backcountry ski tour up and over the highest mountains in the range, around hot springs and stunning views.

    4 hours

    7 km