A thrillseeker’s paradise

Take your team to the extremes

Located deep in Iceland’s central highlands, Highland Base is ideal for group adventures and company events.

Out of this world

A great escape

In winter, you can book the entire resort for your group's once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Enjoy team building in the warm and welcoming hotel or set off for a thrilling adventure in Kerlingarfjöll’s wilderness. The Highland Base experience is an inspiring journey of unforgettable extremes.

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All-embracing comfort

Group getaway

We create the ideal setting for your group gatherings and events, whether it's a corporate function or a special celebration. Highland Base in as warm and welcoming oasis featuring 48 rooms and suites, an 80-seat restaurant and lounge with stunning views, thermal baths, and spacious meeting facilities equipped with modern technology.

Peak adrenalin

Heart-pounding exploration

In summer, Kerlingarfjöll offers fantastic hiking trails with stunning views and geological wonders. In winter, it transforms into a snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing and snowmobiling adventures. A one-of-a-kind setting, perfect for a range of group activities. We are ready to curate a special experience tailored specifically to your group's preferences.

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