Highland Base


Planetary wellbeing

Protecting & Honoring the Land

In 2020, Kerlingarfjöll was designated a Protected Nature Reserve by Umhverfisstofnun—the Environmental Agency of Iceland. This classification aims to preserve and honor the geological, geographical, and geothermal sanctity of Kerlingarfjöll. Highland Base is committed to maintaining the purity of Kerlingarfjöll.

The resort aspires to exist in harmony with nature, upholding the principles of planetary wellbeing. All construction processes and materials have been chosen in accordance with the standards developed by BREEAM—the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings.

Sturdy & sustainable

Architecture & Design

Highland Base was architected with sturdy, sustainable materials to withstand the elements and catalyze wellbeing, incorporating clean lines, aged wood, vaulted ceilings, muted tones, and textured walls to create robust, rustic living spaces that blend modernity and tradition.

Designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment, the resort’s cozy minimalism echoes through the furnishings, decor, and lighting, producing an enduring sense of peace, warmth, and comfort.