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Prepare for your adventure

Located in the heart of Iceland's central highlands, Highland Base stands as a beacon of hospitality and adventure amidst the raw, untouched beauty of the Kerlingarfjöll mountain range. This remote oasis is not just a resort; it's a basecamp for explorers seeking to immerse themselves in nature's most dramatic displays. Whether you're here in the shimmering summer or the mystical winter, your stay at Highland Base promises an unforgettable journey.

What to Pack for Your Highland Adventure

Iceland's weather, notorious for its unpredictability, requires visitors to be prepared for anything. The key? Layers. In summer, the days can be pleasantly warm, but evenings often bring a chill. Winter, on the other hand, is a frosty and often windswept wonderland. A checklist for your luggage:

  • Footwear: Sturdy hiking boots are essential. Pair these with heavy socks for warmth and cushioning.

  • Outerwear: Waterproof pants and insulated coats are non-negotiable. Icelandic weather can change in the blink of an eye. In winter, a down jacket is essential.

  • Accessories: Don’t forget a hat, gloves, and scarf. Even in summer, they can be lifesavers.

  • Extras: Pack a bathing suit for the geothermal baths, sunglasses for the bright days, and cozy clothes for lounging at the hotel.

  • Essentials: A torch or headlight is invaluable, especially for nocturnal walks to the old baths.

Remember, the highlands are isolated—no stores, no gas stations. So, pack thoughtfully! And fill your tank if you’re arriving by car. One more thing, we don't accept cash payments, so bring a card.

Treading the Trails: Hiking in the Highlands

The highlands are a hiker's paradise, but they demand respect. Trails like the stunning Hveradalir are quite easy and don’t require you to be fit, but they can be challenging for those with a fear of heights. Always wear sturdy shoes; paths can be slippery. For a safe and enjoyable hike, keep these resources handy:

Your safety is paramount, so please review our safety checklist for hiking. You’ll also have plenty of support from our expert guides, who are always on hand to assist you in preparing for a highland trek.

Accessibility: A Highland Haven for All

Inclusivity is at the heart of Highland Base. We offer three specially equipped ground-floor rooms for wheelchair users, with easy access to the restaurant and common areas. Likewise, a tunnel connects the hotel to the baths, shielding guests from harsh weather. However, please note that the lodges are not connected by this tunnel.

Comforts of Highland Base

Every room is equipped with towels, and some also feature bathrobes for added comfort. While we advise you to bring your own hygiene products and toiletries, we provide shower gel and hand soap—courtesy of Blue Lagoon Skincare. And if you're a guest of the hotel or lodges, you'll also receive complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion.

Enjoy the Ride

The journey to Highland Base is an adventure in itself. During the trip, you can enliven your experience with our specially chosen Spotify playlist, which features a selection of mood-setting music for the highland voyage. You’ll also want to be aware of road conditions. And remember to bring snacks and water for the ride!

View from the car

Adventures at Your Doorstep

Highland Base is your starting point for myriad adventures. From guided tours to self-led explorations, the choice is yours. The Hveradalir hot-spring hike is a year-round favorite. And when you're not exploring the wilderness, unwind with our complimentary activities: geothermal bathing, stargazing, storytelling, and board games in our lounge.

Hearty Cooking

Highland Base Restaurant is a warm, cozy dining venue serving nourishing comfort food. As seating is limited, dinner reservations are recommended. For explorers on the go, our Adventure Takeaway Boxes provide delicious, nutritious meals.

A stay at Highland Base is more than just a holiday; it’s an expedition into the heart of Iceland's majestic, untamed wilderness. From the moment you arrive, every detail is designed to enhance your connection with this extraordinary landscape. Whether you're scaling mountain trails or soaking in geothermal baths, Highland Base is your home in the highlands, a place where adventure and tranquility coexist in perfect harmony.