Hiking Trail

Neðri Hveradalir

Searing. Serene. Surreal.

A geothermal dreamscape


8 km


4 hours


General: The best time of year for this trail is from March to September. Nedri-Hveradalir is a protected area within the Kerlingarfjöll nature reserve. Trespassing beyond specifically marked trails is prohibited. In summer, 4x4 vehicles can access the upper parking lot and a hiking trail is marked from Ásgarður, where Highland Base is located. Bicycles are prohibited on this trail.

Start point / end point: Parking lot above Hveradalir.

Distance covered: 5-8 km, 3-4 hours.

During the summer, you have the option to either drive or walk a 5 km path from our hotel to Hveradalir. In the winter we recommend driving, provided that road conditions allow. Only well-equipped 4x4 vehicles are suitable for the journey in winter.

Points of interest: The geothermal hot springs, Hveradalshnúkur, Kerlingarskyggnir, Snækollur, Lodmundur, Fannborg, Jökulfall glacial river ravine and Snorrahver hot spring.

River ford crossings: None. However, rapid springtime snowmelt can dislodge bridges, necessitating the need for wading across the Ásgardsá river.

Lodging: Highland Base.

Important: Don't embark on a solo summer hike without first consulting our safety checklist.


Discover Hveradalir's otherworldly beauty and explore the primordial wonders of this mesmerizing hot spring valley.

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