A wonder of nature

Hveradalir: A geothermal paradise

Discover the otherworldly beauty of Hveradalir—a mesmerizing hot-spring valley in the heart of Kerlingarfjöll.

Searing. Serene. Surreal.

Valley of Hot Springs

Hveradalir, which translates to ‘Valley of Hot Springs,’ is a must-see in Iceland's central highlands. Just a 10-minute drive or a 5 km hike from Highland Base, this geothermal marvel boasts steam vents, mud pools, and colorful thermal features creating a sci-fi-like landscape. With 3 km of trails, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of Hveradalir. Don't miss out on our guided tours to fully experience one of Kerlingarfjöll's most popular attractions.

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Spellbinding landscapes

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Neðri Hveradalir

Explore the simmering valleys of the lower Hveradalir geothermal area. Discover the famous Snorrahver fumarole. A photographer’s dream.


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Highland Base is the perfect year-round staging ground for discovering Hveradalir.

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Good to know about Hveradalir

A few facts to keep in mind when planning your Hveradalir adventure.