For year-round thrillseekers

Winter adventures

Available from October 1 to June 14

Explore the untouched

Skiing tours

Strap on your skis and glide across the top of the world. Push your limits. Get close to nature. The panoramic vistas will leave you breathless.

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Take a ride on the wild side


Start your engine and set a course for adventure. Zoom into the unknown. Explore the snow-covered landscape. Discover the thrills of an adrenaline-fueled journey across a remote white wonderland.

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Wonders of the universe


Explore the heavens with our high-powered telescope. Gaze on the cosmos from a place beyond the reach of light pollution. Witness an awe-inspiring canvas of northern lights, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. A hypnotic feast for the eyes. An astrophotographer’s dream.

Stargazing is a hotel inclusion offered on clear nights from October to April at 21:00. A guide will be ready to assist you.

Tales from the extremes

Storytelling & complimentary drink

Bring your thirst for knowledge to the lounge. Enjoy a free drink as our storyteller takes you on a 20-minute journey covering the history and geology of Kerlingarfjöll. Learn about the mountain range and the first mountaineers who conquered its summits in the 1940s. Discover the evolution of shelter in this extreme frontier—from the first cabin to the ski school to the birth of Highland Base.

Offered nightly from November to May at 17:00 in the lounge, storytelling with a complimentary drink is an inclusion offered to guests of the hotel, lodges, and hostel.