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Treatment of personal information

Treatment of personal information from applicants for jobs

This educational material covers personal information concerning applicants for jobs at Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll. In connection with the processing of the information, Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, domiciled at Kerlingarfjöll, 801 Selfoss (“Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll”, “the Company” or “we”), is the data controller within the meaning of the Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data. The purpose of this educational material is to provide information to applicants about what personal information the Company collects and the manner in which the Company processes this information to assess applications from individuals for jobs at the Company.

What information is collected:

The following are examples of information which the Company may collect about you from, among other things, the application form, resume, job interview or from people who provide references:

  • name, identification number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, nationality,

  • resumes and information about education, training and skills,

  • information about career and experience,

  • information from people who provide references,

  • information about the right to work in Iceland, and

  • criminal record information, when the job involves the handling of financial assets, the security of visitors and the safeguarding of the Company’s property and its visitors.

In addition to the aforesaid information, the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll may also collect and process other information which you provide to the Company in the course of the application process, such as information about your family situation, interests and other data that you wish to present.

It is the principal policy of the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll to obtain personal information directly from you. However, information may also be collected from the people who provide references. This will only be done if you are included in the final group of people being considered for a position, and this will be announced beforehand, during or after the interview.

Why we collect personal information and on what grounds:

Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll collects various personal information about applicants for jobs, and processing and collection is partly determined according to the nature of the job applied for. Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll collects personal information about applicants primarily in order to assess the relevant person’s competence to do the job in question. The personal information is processed in connection with the applicant’s application for a job at Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, i.e. on the grounds that the applicant desires to establish an employment relationship with Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll. Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll also has a legitimate interest to process applicants’ personal information during the recruitment process, in order to select the most competent applicant for the relevant position and to keep a record of the recruitment process as such. In the event that Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll requests information about whether the applicant has a criminal record, the processing of such information will be based on the legitimate interests of the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll. Processing of criminal record information may also be based on your consent. Proper processing of data from applicants enables us to manage the recruitment process, to assess and verify the competence of applicants for the position, and to make decisions accordingly regarding whom to recruit. In some cases we may need to process information to ensure that we meet our legal obligations. For example, it is necessary in certain cases to make sure that an applicant has the right to work in this country before the applicant is hired.

Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll may also sort data into individual categories, such as nationality, gender and age, in order to monitor and register statistics pertaining to recruitment processes. Furthermore, we need to request information and process it in order to properly handle your application in the event that you are hired.

Access to information about applicants is limited to the human resources department, those involved with the recruitment process and interviews, the managers of the relevant fields of work and IT department employees, if their access proves necessary. The information is stored in several places, including on the application form, in the human resources system and other computer and management systems (including e-mail messages). It is proper to mention that the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll employs the services of data processors in connection with information technology services where your personal information may be stored. Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll seeks to take appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect personal information, with particular regard to their nature. These measures are intended to protect personal information from being lost or altered by accident, and against unlawful access thereto or unlawful copying, use or dissemination thereof.

Storing of data and withdrawal of consent:

If your application does not result in you being hired for a specific position, the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll will keep your application on file for 6 months after the position is filled in the event that other job opportunities may arrive that fit your experience. You can delete your application at any time during this 6 month period.

If your application leads to you being hired, the personal information that has been collected during the recruitment process will be transferred to the human resources system (electronically and on paper) and stored for the duration of your employment. In that event there are laws and regulations that apply to the processing and storing of personal information about the employee, who will be provided with specific information pertaining thereto.

Your rights regarding the personal information that is processed:

When your personal information is processed, you have certain rights. You can:

  • request access to and, in certain cases, copies of your information,

  • demand that the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll corrects incorrect or incomplete personal information that pertains to you,

  • demand that the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll delete your personal information, for example when there is no longer any need to process the information or when you have withdrawn your consent and there is no other authorization for the processing, or that the processing is limited to certain circumstances.

  • protest the processing of personal information when the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll cites the Company’s legitimate interests in support of the processing,

  • in certain circumstances, demand that the Highland Base transfer information which you have provided to the Company directly to a third party.

Your aforesaid rights are not without limitations. For instance, we may be required by law to deny a request for the deletion of or access to data. We may also deny your request based on our rights or the rights or other parties, such as the right to privacy, should we consider such rights to outweigh your rights.

In cases where the collection and processing of personal information requires the applicant’s consent, the relevant parties may at any time withdraw their consent. However, such withdrawal of consent does not have an effect on the processing that took place on the basis of the consent up to the time of the withdrawal.

If you wish to exercise the aforesaid rights or if you have any questions regarding the processing and storing of your personal information, please contact jobs@highlandbase.is

If you believe that the Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll has not satisfactorily observed your rights to the protection of your data, you can contact the Data Protection Authority (www.personuvernd.is).

What if you do not provide personal information?

You have no legal or contractual obligation to provide Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll with data during the recruitment process. However, if you do not provide the requested information it may have the effect that we cannot process your job application in a satisfactory manner, or at all, and consequently we will be unable to hire you.