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Travel professionals - Terms and conditions


Kerlingarfjöll ehf. is an Icelandic company which runs Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll as well as the Highland Baths (hereinafter referred to as “Highland Base”, “we”, “us” or “the hotel”).

We offer hotel accommodation at Highland Base Hotel, Highland Base Lodges, and private rooms in our huts (hereinafter referred to as “hotel accommodation”).

We also offer sleeping bag accommodation in hostel huts and in shared dormitories (hereinafter referred to as “sleeping bag accommodation”).

Under these terms and conditions, Resellers and Travel Agents (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Agent”) are required to pre-book on behalf of their guests all visits to the Highland Base.

Important notice

Highland Base is a remote destination, located in the central highlands of Iceland. Therefore, roads to Highland Base can be impassable during winter months and only accessible with 4x4 super jeeps.

Should your guests choose to drive to Highland Base, we strongly advise them to make sure that their vehicle or rental car is approved for driving on mountain roads (marked as F-roads on maps) and has all appropriate insurance.

All guests should be informed about the importance of monitoring weather forecasts on and official information on road conditions at before heading to Highland Base. Please note that transportation is available through third party operators. Further information can be obtained from our reservation department.

Furthermore, we strongly advise all our guests to have valid travel insurance (such as a “Cancel for Any Reason” travel insurance), which should be obtainable in the guest’s country of residence, and to take notice of the abovementioned when making travel arrangements.

Booking Procedures

Bookings shall be made in writing to the hotel reservation department with an email to, or through the Highland Base dedicated booking access (if applicable).

All information regarding the reseller, billing address, number of guests and dedicated contact person responsible for the booking shall be clearly stated. Furthermore, each booking shall include information regarding:

  • Number of rooms or suites and type of accommodation booked.

  • Date of arrival, departure, total number of nights, and preferably arrival time.

  • Guest names or name of group and number of guests, as well as number of adults and children and age of children.

An agreement regarding accommodation and/or services is valid when a confirmation is sent in writing (via e-mail) to the Agent.

Rooming List

No later than 4 weeks prior to the booked arrival date, the reseller shall submit a final rooming list to the hotel reservation department, unless otherwise specifically agreed. The rooming list must contain the following information:

  • Full names and nationality of guests.

  • Time of arrival of guests.

  • Any other special requests or requirements.

Any change in the number of guests or rooms must be notified as soon as possible. Cancellation policies apply.


Applicable prices depend on valid price lists at any given time, as published on Travel Professionals. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. The updated prices will only apply to bookings made after the change, thus not affecting bookings that are already confirmed.

Price changes affected by tax changes will however apply to all reservations, regardless of whether a booking has been confirmed on previous prices or payment has already been made. All invoices are in ISK.

Financial Responsibility for Guests

The reseller is obligated to guarantee all incidentals if a group wishes to check in jointly (“group check-in”). In such a case, the reseller will be responsible to pay all charges incurred by guests for services provided, e.g., for food and beverages.

When incidentals are not guaranteed by the reseller, the reseller is responsible to inform each guest that any individual charges that might be incurred, that are not a part of the guest’s agreement with the reseller, e.g., food, beverages, and activities, are the responsibility of the guest. It must also be communicated to all participants involved whether it will be necessary to check out at the hotel reception desk.

When incidentals are not guaranteed by the reseller, the reseller is nevertheless liable to pay individual outstanding bills with the hotel if the participant(s) fail(s) to check out and settle the balance incurred. Furthermore, the reseller is liable, should there be an outstanding claim for damages or services rendered not previously described in the original agreement.

All deposits and prepayments, made by the reseller or guests, may be used against any outstanding sum to the hotel.

Check-in and Booking Inclusions

SUMMER: Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is until 11:00. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability at a charge.

WINTER Check-in is from 16:00 and check-out is until 12:00. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability at a charge.

For hotel accommodation, breakfast is included in the reservation. Other services, such as food and beverages are not included.

Access to the Highland Baths will be included in all hotel reservations from January, 2024.

For sleeping bag accommodation, only the accommodation is included. Access to the Highland Baths is not included with sleeping bag accommodation bookings.

Dining reservations at Highland Base: If you would like to secure a table at Highland Base Restaurant for your guests at a specific time, we highly recommend making advance reservations with an email to Highland Base Restaurant is the sole dining option at the hotel. We guarantee that all hotel guests will be able to dine, but the timing is dependent on booking status.

Booking Modifications and Cancellations

All cancellations should be made in writing to the hotel reservation department with an email to, stating the booking number as reference or via the dedicated booking access (if applicable).

Full price of the original booking will be charged if a booking is cancelled, whether in part or in full, with less than the minimum notice stated in the below tables:

Hotel accommodation:

  • Nr. of Rooms | Minimum cancellation notice

  • 1 – 5 | 14 days

  • 6-15 | 60 days

  • 16+ | As per terms stated in offer / contract

Sleeping bag accommodation:

  • Nr. of Rooms | Minimum cancellation notice

  • 1 – 10 | 14 days

  • 11 or more | 60 days

Please note: Bookings made within fewer days than the minimum cancellation notice shown in the above tables are non-refundable and cannot be modified.

Safety Standards, Liability and Force Majeure

Highland Base disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness, or changes in schedule caused by Force Majeure events, such as but not limited to strikes, labor dispute, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or heating service, natural disasters, epidemics and quarantines, or any other irregularity outside our control and for expenses due to any of these reasons.

When a cancellation is caused by a recognized Force Majeure event, the reseller shall be entitled to receive a refund of 90% of the amount paid for the booking.

When entering our facilities, guests assume full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those in their care.

Guests assume all risks associated with activities organized by Highland Base as well as activities involving third party providers. Please note that activities organized involving third party providers are subject to the relevant providers’ terms and conditions.

Highland Base cannot be held responsible for delays, cancellations, or accidents arising from tours or transfers booked through and/or organized by a third party.

The reseller is responsible for informing their relevant staff members (tour guides etc.) and guests about the relevant terms and conditions relating to Safety Standards and Liability.

Use of Promotional Material

When promoting Highland Base, the reseller is obligated to do so in a manner consistent with the Highland Base brand messaging, values and image, both in Iceland and internationally.

Highland Base will provide all marketing material to the reseller. However, should the reseller wish to use different material to promote Highland Base, a prior written authorization needs to be obtained from our marketing department via email:

This applies to all material put forth in brochures, flyers, websites, presentations, posters, branding, vehicle labels, etc.

When the reseller receives new or updated promotional material from Highland Base, the reseller will from then on use only the new or updated material where applicable, if instructed to do so by Highland Base.

Photographs, films, or social content taken at Highland Base cannot be used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from Highland Base. Highland Base reserves the right to seek compensation for any use which is contrary to our conditions.

Highland Base Privacy Policy

The privacy of our guests is of paramount importance to us. The reseller pledges to maintain confidentiality and appropriate management of personal information of Highland Base guests, which the reseller may store and process in relation to his services. The reseller also guarantees that he will abide by the terms of our privacy policy, accessible here.

The reseller is responsible for informing guests about our privacy policy as well as the processing of the guests’ personal information necessary in relation to their visit.