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Hveradalir Self-Guided Tour

Journey by bus from Highland Base to the Hveradalir hot spring valley for a self-guided tour of this geothermal dreamland.

Discover Hveradalir on your own

Let us take you there

At 15:00, we’ll depart Highland Base for a 10-minute ride to the mystical hillscapes of Hveradalir. Once we arrive, you’ll be on your own in this otherworldly hot spring valley. Our bus will head back to Highland Base at 16:15. But if you want more time to explore Hveradalir’s dazzling, sci-fi-like landscape, you can skip the bus and hike back. You also have the option of hiking to Hveradalir and catching the return transfer to Highland Base.

Transfer details

  • Departs Highland Base daily at 15:00

  • Departs Hveradalir daily at 16:15

  • Duration: 10 minutes

  • Price: ISK 2500 per person one way

Cancellation policy

Full refund if canceled at least 24 hours before departure.

Destined for exploration

Reserve your ride

By foot, the journey between Highland Base and Hveradalir is a 60-minute hike. By bus, the trip takes just ten minutes.

From Highland Base to Hveradalir

Price: ISK 2500 per person one way

From Hveradalir to Highland Base

Price: ISK 2500 per person one way

Return trip

Price: ISK 5000 per person

A geothermal paradise


Contrasts and curious formations meet the eye when you explore Hveradalir, nestled in the Icelandic highlands. Ideal for outdoor activities and nature photography, this is where extremes come together in harmony.

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