Fire and Ice

A fun study trip to examine and understand the anatomy of glacier.

Guided hike

Scale the highest peak


3 km


3 hours


300 m

Age limit

12 years


Join us on a truly adventurous hike through the spectacular place where Kerlingarfjöll's geothermal area meets a small retreating glacier. The interaction of these extreme powers of nature has created a truly unique landscape molded by fire and ice. On this trip you will learn to use crampons, ice-axe, rope, and harness to safely examine the formation and behavior of a glacier. Witness firsthand how the glaciers are shaping Iceland and safely venture near a glacier crevasse with the help of a professional guide. From the glacier, the hike winds through small orange colored valleys interspersed with steaming hot springs and bubbling mud pools. What can we say? Seeing is believing!

Participants should meet the guide at the hotel at 10:00 to receive glacier gear and adjust their crampons, among other preparations. Thereafter, participants will drive their own vehicles to the starting point of the hike.



Price: ISK 29,900 (glacier gear included)

Minimum/Maximum participation: 5/7

Skill & fitness level: Beginner. All fitness levels.

Dates: June 28, July 7, and August 23

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Activity Host - Kerlingarfjöll Highland Base
Hiking in Kerlingarfjöll - Highland Base