63 km

Itinerary and map

63 km

General information and mandatory equipment

All three running routes follow a clockwise direction, beginning and ending at the Kerlingarfjöll – Highland Base hotel.

Total elevation gain: 2,300 m

Highest point: 1,120 m

Lowest point: 700 m

Mandatory equipment:

  • Charged phone

  • Reusable drinking vessel

  • Whistle

  • Foil blanket

  • First aid kit

  • 500 kcal energy

  • Wind- and/or waterproof hooded jacket and trousers

  • Weather-appropriate clothing

63 km


The beginning is identical to that of the 22 km race. The run starts at the hotel in Kerlingarfjöll, into the magnificent and colorful Hveradalir geothermal area. Here, the first water station of the route is located, after a 5 km run. From there, the route ascends steep stairs and follows markers northward along Ásgarðsgljúfur canyon before turning right, heading east. It reaches a hiking trail lying beneath the majestic Loðmundur, along the road path into Setur. As the trail diverges from the road, after about 14 km, the second water station is found. The trail is then followed up and down small canyons to Kisubotnaskáli, where the third water station is situated, after 22 km. From there, the route descends into Kisubotnar and up along the formidable Kisugljúfur canyon, under Draugafell, and to Klakkskáli, where the fourth water station awaits after completing about 34 km. The route continues beneath and between three triangular peaks named Klakkur, Grákollur, and Svarthyrna, heads to the magnificent Kerlingargljúfur canyon, and crosses Kerlingará river. A long ascent follows up alongside Röðull on the left hand and then up into Sléttaskarð between Ögmundur and Höttur, and down into Hverabotn.

A descent into a deep canyon follows, then up again to Kerling itself, a 25-meter high rock pillar on the side of Kerlingartindur, with the fifth and final water station at 55 km. Next, the route descends a hill and emerges onto a gravel path beneath Skeljafell. Runners circle Skeljafell, then ascend to the pass between Kerlingartindur and Skeljafell, crossing Tindabikkja and Ásgarðsá river, over the rocky Ásgarðsöldur, down Ásgarðshryggur, and down to the finish line by the bridge over Ásgarðsá, directly below the hotel.


Click here for a GPX file of the route.