Hiking Trail

Skuggafoss and Jökulkrókur

Hidden and hypnotic

A beautiful waterfall


15 km


9 hours


Skill & fitness level: Challenging

Season: March to September

Start point / end point: Ásgarður

Distance covered: 15 km

Highlights: Jökulfallid, Stóraborg, Skuggafoss, Blágnípa, Blágnípujökull and Austurfjöllin.

River crossings: Kerlingarspræna, an ankle-deep ford.

Lodging: Highland Base


Embark on a challenging 15 km expedition to the Skuggafoss waterfall and discover a lush oasis with dramatic vistas of the mighty Hofsjökull glacier.

What to bring

Warm clothes and socks, wind- and waterproof jacket, sturdy boots, gloves, buff, hat, and sunglasses. Water, snacks, and a light lunch.


Don't embark on a solo summer hike without first consulting our safety checklist.