Hiking Trail


The geology of legends

Hike to a mythmaking landmark


6.2 km


5 hours


Elevation gain: 500 m

Skill & fitness level: Easy. All levels.

Start point / end point: Parking lot at Fremri-Ásgardsá by Leppistungnaleid.

Distance covered: 6.2 km each way

Total ascent: 500 m

Highlights: Grjóthalda, Kerlingartindur, Kerling, and Fremri-Ásgardsá.

River ford crossings: None

Lodging: Highland Base, Leppistungur, Fosslækur


Skeljafell mountain is the target of this simple hike which includes Kerling—the legendary basalt landmark for which Kerlingarfjöll is named.

What to bring

Warm clothes and socks, wind- and waterproof jacket, sturdy boots, gloves, buff, hat, and sunglasses. Water, snacks, and a light lunch.


Don't embark on a solo summer hike without first consulting our safety checklist.