Self-guided hikes

On your own

Our most popular trails range from easy to difficult. Pick your path and follow your heart into the Kerlingarfjöll wilderness. These routes are optimal for summer when hiking season is in full swing. We have the full details at Highland Base reception.

Discover the highlands

At your own pace

  • Mænir and Kerlingarskyggnir

    Moving from geothermal to glacial, this demanding 8-hour hike crosses steaming valleys and ascends to the snow-capped peaks of Mænis and Kerlingarskyggnir.

    8 hours

    11.5 km

  • Ásgarðsfjall

    An easy hike. An iconic mountain. A rewarding journey.

    2 hours

    2.5 km

  • Skeljafell

    Hike to the legendary basalt landmark for which Kerlingarfjöll is named.

    5 hours

    6.2 km

  • Snækollur, Fannborg, Hverahnjúkur and Snót

    Blue rivers. Enchanting ravines. Glacial ice sheets. The upper regions of the Hveradalir geothermal valley. An 8-hour odyssey.

    8 hours

    10 km

  • Skuggafoss & Jökulkrókur

    A challenging expedition to a hidden waterfall. Discover a lush oasis. Enjoy dramatic vistas of the mighty Hofsjökull glacier.

    9 hours

    15 km

  • Neðri Hveradalir

    Explore the simmering valleys of the lower Hveradalir geothermal area. Discover the famous Snorrahver fumarole. A photographer’s dream.

    4 hours

    8 km