Hiking Trail

Mænir and Kerlingarskyggnir

Heart-stopping visions

Steaming valleys. Glacial peaks.


11.5 km


8 hours


Skill & fitness level: Challenging.

Season: June-Sept.

Highlights: Hveradalir, Snorrahver, Hverabotn, Mænisjökull, and Mænisfönn.

Start point / end point: Parking lot at Nedri Hveradalir. This also covers the hike to Highland Base, approximately 4 km.

River ford crossings: No wading but crossing of bridges over Innri-Ásgardsá river at Nedri-Hveradalir.

Lodging: Highland Base


Moving from geothermal to glacial, this demanding 8-hour hike crosses steaming valleys and ascends to the snow-capped peaks of Mænis and Kerlingarskyggnir.

What to bring

Warm clothes and socks, wind- and waterproof jacket, sturdy boots, gloves, buff, hat, and sunglasses. Water, snacks, and a light lunch.


Don't embark on a solo summer hike without first consulting our safety checklist.