Hiking Trail

Asgard, Mountain of the Gods

Guided Hike

Asgard home of the gods


3 km


3 hours


250 m

Age limit

8 years


Operated by: Outsiders Iceland

Price for scheduled tour: 15,900 ISK per person

Season: All year

Private departure: Available from 20,900 ISK per person, min 8 participants. Please send a us request at info@highlandbase.is.

Transport: Meet your guide at the hotel. No transport needed.

Elevation gain: 250 m

Gear included: Spikes and snowshoes, if needed.

Skill & fitness level: Novice. Moderate fitness levels

Min/Max: 6/16 pax


Highland Base is nestled at the roots of Asgardsfjall which literally means the mountain of Asgard. According to norse mythology Asgard was the home of the gods and on this family friendly hike to the summit you will learn about the gods and the relationship of Icelanders to the old nordic religion. A religion that is still actively practiced in Iceland. The names made famous in the Marvel movies about Thor, i.e. Odin, Loki and Freyja are all quite common names in Iceland. And a quick look in the Icelandic phone book reveals a total of four Thors who are also the sons of Odin!

The hike carries an enormous payoff in views over the center of the Icelandic highlands. You can see the ancient north to south trail of the first inhabitants of Iceland exactly as it was when riders crossed the treacherous landscape bearing tidings from region to region. Nothing has changed here in more than a thousand years. You will get a glimpse into a past preserved in the Icelandic Sagas, that continue to influence storytellers to this day. From the Lord of the Rings, to the Marvel Universe and the Game of Thrones.

What to bring

Warm clothes and socks, sturdy boots, wind- and waterproof jacket, gloves, buff and a hat plus your water bottle and hiking poles, if you have them.


Cancellations and Booking Modifications:

Scheduled tours: Cancellations or changes must be made 72 hours prior to arrival. After that, the tour is non refundable.

Private tours:

  • If a cancellation is received more than 10 days prior to arrival, you will receive 100% refund

  • If a cancellation is received more than 6-9 days prior to arrival, you will receive 80% refund

  • If a cancellation is received within 5 days of arrival, the tour is non refundable.