Traveling to the highlands

Getting here

The journey is an adventure in itself.

Journey to another world

The route to Kerlingarfjöll

Traveling to Kerlingarfjöll is an edge-of-your-seat adventure. When the paved road disappears and you enter the rocky desolation of the highlands, you might feel as if you’ve left planet Earth.


Located in the central highlands, Highland Base is at an elevation of 700 meters. In the summer it is accessible by car or private transfer. During the winter, we can only be reached with a 4x4 super jeep driven by a professional.

How to get here

From Reykjavík, the trip takes approximately 3.5 hours (during the summer), covering nearly 200 kilometers—a voyage moving from paved highways to the challenging and desolate gravel roads of the country’s interior.


Directions From Route 1 (Þjóðvegur 1), turn onto Route 35 (Kjalvegur) from Biskupstungnabraut. Continue on Kjalvegur. Drive to F347 in Hrunamannahreppur until you reach Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll.